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    How Much Does A Campervan Cost In New Zealand? [2022]

    If you’re coming to New Zealand to travel and thinking of buying a campervan, you’re probably wondering: how much does a campervan cost in New Zealand? I remember when I was planning my trip to New Zealand and I googled this very question myself! I was hoping for an answer to tell me how much I might need to budget to be able to afford the campervan I had always dreamed of! Well, finally this post has arrived guys, and I bring it to you myself. After actually coming to New Zealand, buying my van and living the van-life for 2+ years, I can tell you (almost) exactly how much…

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    10 Key Things You Need To Know Before You Buy A Campervan In New Zealand

    Always wanted to live the #vanlife dream? Like many of you, I always had a plan to come to New Zealand and buy a campervan. I remember meeting a backpacker about ten years ago. He told me about his campervan adventure in New Zealand. He traveled in his campervan across the country for 18 months. His photos looked amazing! Sleeping under the stars by a calm lake, the majestic, snow-capped mountains in the distance. I was truly inspired! I wanted that life! Well, ten years after meeting that guy, my dream finally came true. I arrived in New Zealand in the nick of time! I landed in Auckland just before…

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    Which Campervan Model To Buy For Traveling In New Zealand

    Are you looking to buy a campervan for traveling in New Zealand but aren’t sure which model would suit you best? This post will give you an idea of which model of campervan you may want to buy for traveling in New Zealand. My partner Fiachra and I started searching for a campervan to buy as soon as we arrived in New Zealand. We spent two weeks looking at vans before deciding to buy one. Buying a campervan can be a daunting process. One of our biggest challenges was figuring out which was the best model of campervan for us! If only there was a post like this to help…

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    6 Places To Find Secondhand Campervans For Sale | New Zealand

    Are you wanting to buy a campervan for travelling in New Zealand? If so, you’re probably wondering where is the best place to look to find secondhand campervans for sale in New Zealand? My partner Fiachra and I started searching for a campervan to buy as soon as we arrived in New Zealand. It was quite tricky to know where to look for a campervan in the beginning. However, after gaining some tips from other backpackers and searching around, we found some great ways to find secondhand campervans for sale in New Zealand. After 2 weeks, we bought our first ever campervan! More than two years later, we are still…