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    I Wrote Haiku Poems About My Mental Health & Anxiety

    I’ve been having a bad mental health day. I found out that it is National Writing Day and I decided to #WriteAway about how I’m feeling today. I chose to write some haikus about my mental health and my experience with anxiety. Why Did I Decide To Write Haiku Poems About My Mental Health & Anxiety? I like haikus because they are short and concise. They get the message across. They allow me to experiment with poetry. And to be creative. Writing Helps Me When I’m Having A Bad Mental Health Day. Writing has always been really beneficial to my mental health. I’ve been writing a diary since I was…

  • Health & Wellness

    Remembering The Little Things, Seeing The Smaller Picture

    One of my biggest problems is remembering the little things. The small steps you take to reach a goal. The little wins and the mini moments. I am too focused on the bigger picture, the end result, the finale. I dream of being happier, being richer, being fitter. Having a wonderful career, traveling the world, a thriving social life and tip top health to boot. What I forget is what is takes to get there. I want all these things now, I don’t want to wait – I want them instantly and with ease. What I forget is the effort. The hard work, the determination, the commitment. I don’t want to…