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Remembering The Little Things, Seeing The Smaller Picture

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Last Updated On 9th July 2021 By Lauren | Wild Lovely World

One of my biggest problems is remembering the little things. The small steps you take to reach a goal. The little wins and the mini moments. I am too focused on the bigger picture, the end result, the finale.

I dream of being happier, being richer, being fitter. Having a wonderful career, traveling the world, a thriving social life and tip top health to boot.

What I forget is what is takes to get there. I want all these things now, I don’t want to wait – I want them instantly and with ease.

What I forget is the effort. The hard work, the determination, the commitment. I don’t want to put in the hours. I don’t want to feel tired and stressed and frustrated. I don’t want to feel like a failure.

What I forget is to embrace the journey. To relish the feeling of success, the sensation of reaching a goal, remembering that the accomplishment is way more inspiring and rewarding than the end result anyway.

My biggest problem is that I’m impatient with my own life. I’m restless and indecisive. I mull and I think for too long that I end up achieving nothing when I could have at least done something. Anything. I get lost in my own head and I forget to enjoy the moment. To remember where I am, how far I’ve come, and where I’m going, one step at a time.

I constantly dream of running away, of being somewhere other than where I already am. I want to change my life without actually having to get up and do it.

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Remember The Little Things

What I need to remember is a lesson on mindfulness, on respecting myself enough to remember everything I have achieved, to take those little moments and embrace and reflect on them.

Focus On What I Love

What I need to remember is to focus on is what makes me happy, what’s important to me. I need to break down the big goals into smaller ones that are measurable and realistic and rely on me to act now, not later. If I do what I love I’ll enjoy the time it takes to get there.

Embrace The Journey

What I need to remember is where I’ve been, where I am now and where I’m going. My journey is my own, and it’s important. It will have ups and downs, highs and lows, loves and losses. But in the end this is my story, and I can mold and shape it to however I want it to be, and face the unpredictability with bravery, dignity and understanding.

Enjoy The Simple Pleasures In Life

It’s often the simple pleasures in life which create the most joy in our world. A meal shared, time spent cuddled together under the duvet, a long walk, words unspoken understood through a stare. Despite all the goals I aim to achieve, those little moments with friends, family and myself, are the ones worth remembering.

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