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    12 Free Things To See & Do In Leipzig

    Looking for the most awesome free things to see and do in Leipzig? I’ve got you covered! Leipzig is an awesome little city in eastern Germany, about 1 hour south of Berlin by train. It’s really easy to get to Leipzig by public transport, so it’s great for those on a budget. Leipzig has the largest railway station in Germany AND Europe! You can also get there by bus. Once you’re there, you can walk everywhere within the city centre and venture further out using Leipzig’s handy tram and railway network. Leipzig is a city rich in history, culture and quirkiness, so there is something for everyone to enjoy! From…

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    The Coffe Baum: A Free Coffee Museum & The Oldest Coffee House In Germany

    If you’re a coffee lover like me, you’ll love the Coffee Museum at the Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum in Leipzig, Germany. It is said to be Germany’s oldest coffee house as they have been serving coffee since 1711. This also makes it one of the oldest coffee houses in Europe, and perhaps the world. Where is the Baum Coffee Museum located in Germany? The Coffee Museum is located inside the Coffe Baum, in Leipzig Zentrum. Just go inside and up the stairs (unfortunately no access for wheelchairs). How much is entry to the Coffee Museum? It’s completely free! When is the Coffee Museum open? It’s open daily from 11am-7pm. What…

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    What Does The Titanic Look Like Underwater? I Found Out In Leipzig

    The Leipzig Panometer is held within a former gasometer and is the largest 360 degree panorama in the world (area of 3500 square meters and 32m in height). German artist Yadegar Asisi coined the name from gasometer and panorama, and his work consists of large scale photographic panoramas and are displayed in several cities in Germany. The visual panoramas are coupled with a thematic exhibition which change over time (usually every couple of years – you can see what’s on currently here). During my visit to the Leipzig Panometer, the theme was the Titanic (running until January 2019). This just so happens to be one of my favorite historical events…

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    Urbex In Leipzig: Abandoned German State Railway Repair Shops

    On my way to the Leipzig Panometer, I took the train to the Leipzig MDR S-Bahn station. Just beside it were a set of abandoned buildings, by the looks of it, an old factory or storage warehouse facilities. A quick Google and I found the buildings were called RAW ehemaliges / Lost Place, RAW being short for Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk, a maintenance repair shop for vehicles on the former the former German Reichsbahn, the state German Railway. During the time of the GDR, many employees were laid off and factories like these ceased operations. Now, the buildings are a ‘Lost Place’, an open exploration space for decaying buildings for fanatics of urbex, of which there…