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Urbex In Leipzig: Abandoned German State Railway Repair Shops

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Last Updated On 9th July 2021 By Lauren | Wild Lovely World

On my way to the Leipzig Panometer, I took the train to the Leipzig MDR S-Bahn station. Just beside it were a set of abandoned buildings, by the looks of it, an old factory or storage warehouse facilities. A quick Google and I found the buildings were called RAW ehemaliges / Lost Place, RAW being short for Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk, a maintenance repair shop for vehicles on the former the former German Reichsbahn, the state German Railway. During the time of the GDR, many employees were laid off and factories like these ceased operations. Now, the buildings are a ‘Lost Place’, an open exploration space for decaying buildings for fanatics of urbex, of which there seem to be many in Leipzig. I had fun exploring this one, and the neighbouring Institut fuer Zukunft which also seems to be abandoned, but I think is a regular venue for events and flea markets.

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