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Corrour Station: How To Get There On The West Highland Line

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Corrour Station is the highest railway station in Britain. This beautiful and remote place is hidden deep in the Scottish Highlands and it is only accessible by train or on foot. There are no roads that will take you there!

The Corrour estate is surrounded by stunning mountains and nearby is the serene Loch Ossian. Not only this but Corrour is located on the West Highland Line, the most beautiful train ride in Scotland!

It’s well worth taking the time to visit this beautiful place. In this post, find out how to get to Corrour Station on the West Highland Line and why you should consider including this amazing spot in your Scotland itinerary.

Corrour Station On The West Highland Line – How To Get There & Why You Should Go

corrour scotland scottish highlands
Corrour in the beautiful Scottish Highlands – Ⓒ Wild Lovely World

Where Is Corrour Station?

Corrour is a remote area nestled in the Highlands of Scotland. It is southeast of Fort William and Ben Nevis and northeast of Glencoe. It is on the edge of Rannoch Moor. There are beautiful forests, wetlands, lochs and mountains there.

Corrour is a privately owned estate. There are 57,000 acres of land on the estate. However, the public are welcome to visit and enjoy lots of beautiful walks there too.

The station is one of the most remote in the UK. At 411m above sea level, it is the highest mainline railway station in Britain. But despite its remoteness, there is still plenty to do in Corrour and Loch Ossian!

Why Travel To Corrour?

My stop at Corrour Station was definitely one of the highlights of my West Highland Line trip. I had heard about Corrour from other travellers and I thought it just sounded magical. Also, I am a big fan of the movie Trainspotting and I knew some scenes were filmed there!

Rannoch Moor south of Corrour was also used as a filming location in the Harry Potter films. You may know that the Glenfinnan Viaduct which is further along the West Highland Line past Fort William is another famous Harry Potter filming location!

I spent a couple of days in Corrour and did a few walks. Staying at the Loch Ossian Hostel* I met a few munro-baggers who were ticking off quite a few while they were at Corrour. Due to Corrour being 411m above sea level, it provides a good starting point for many hillwalkers. There are plenty of great walks to do from Corrour Station so if you’re keen there’s heaps to keep you occupied.

Corrour is really remote and there are not many places like it. When I visited I found it very unique and I loved the experience. The nature and scenery there is outstanding. It is the perfect place to relax and just enjoy the quiet.

loch ossian corrour scottish highlands lake
Loch Ossian – Ⓒ Wild Lovely World

How To Get To Corrour Station?

The only way to get to Corrour is by train or on foot. The nearest public road is a 16 km walk away! The road goes to Rannoch station, which is the nearest station south of Corrour Station. Unless you’re up for a long walk it is best to get there by train!

It takes only 12 minutes to travel by train between Rannoch and Corrour. So, you could drive to Rannoch station and park there and take the train to Corrour. However, if you can fit it into your itinerary, I recommend you take the full journey on the West Highland Line, starting in Glasgow.

West Highland Line From Glasgow To Mallaig – The Most Beautiful Train Ride In Scotland

The beautiful West Highland Line is a must-do for scenic train lovers visiting Scotland. I did the journey myself in 2019, taking the train from Glasgow all the way to Mallaig at the end of the line. I made the trip over a few days and stopped at places along the way. It was great and I would highly recommend it!

Travelling by train allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery on this route. You can sit back and relax and just enjoy the journey. The train also goes to places that you cannot go by car, including crossing Rannoch Moor and alongside Loch Treig.

The line between Glasgow and Fort William was opened in 1894 so this railway is historic as well as scenic. The history is well worth learning about during your visit, so make sure you spend time visiting the Corrour Station House and reading the information there.

Travelling To Corrour Station On The West Highland Line From Glasgow

To get to Corrour Station, take the West Highland Line going between Glasgow and Mallaig. The West Highland Line has a route which also goes to Oban, but you don’t want to take this one as it doesn’t go to Corrour.

Some of the services from Glasgow Queen Street to Mallaig are combined with services to Oban, splitting at Crianlarich. So just make sure to be in the correct carriage of the train! The conductor will help you to know where you need to be.

There are just three trains per day each way between Glasgow Queen Street and Mallaig. The trains depart Glasgow Queen Street at 8:25, 12:24 and 18:23 with ScotRail. The journey time to Corrour is around 3 hours. Check prices and book your tickets here*. Train prices change depending on the time and day you travel, but you can save 1/3 cost on your journey with a Railcard. Below is the timetable from National Rail.

national rail train times glasgow queen street to corrour station
National Rail train times from Glasgow Queen Street to Corrour Station

Map Of The Train Line Between Glasgow Queen Street & Corrour

Travelling To Corrour Station On The Caledonian Sleeper From London

The Caledonian Sleeper is a famous overnight train that travels between London and several locations in Scotland. The train offers a touch of luxury and you can choose to sleep overnight on the train in one of the rooms. It’s a cool way to hop on the train at night in London and wake up in the beautiful Scottish Highlands! It’s not a journey I have had a chance to take myself but if I did I definitely would!

You can get to Corrour Station on the Caledonian Sleeper as the train stops at all West Highland Line stations. The train departs London Euston at 21:00-21:15 and arrives in Corrour the following morning at 08:59. Below is the timetable from The Caledonian Sleeper.

caledonian sleeper timetable london to fort william
Caledonian Sleeper Timetable London to Fort William

How Long To Stay In Corrour?

You can make your visit to Corrour just a day trip or an overnight visit. You could, of course, just pass straight through on your West Highland Line journey. But I think it’s definitely worth considering a little exploration around there if you can!

Day Trip To Corrour From Glasgow, Fort William Or Rannoch

It’s quite easy to travel to Corrour Station early in the morning, explore for the day, and then head back on the evening train. But bear in mind long journey times and that there are only three services each way per day.

From Glasgow

You could take the 8:25 train from Glasgow Queen Street to Corrour Station and the return train at 18:25 from Corrour back to Glasgow. But bear in mind that this is a 3-hour train journey each way, so you might be pretty knackered from travelling so far in a day!

From Fort William

You could also go in the other direction, taking the 7:44 train from Fort William to Corrour and returning on the 15:24 train from Corrour back to Fort William. The journey between Fort William and Corrour is 45 minutes. So it would be easy to make a day trip from Fort William if you’re staying there.

From Perth or Dundee Via Rannoch

If you’re coming from the east of Scotland, for example, Perth or Dundee, and you want to drive, then you could travel to Rannoch Station and take the train from there. Rannoch Station is around 2-hour drive from Perth. The train from Rannoch only takes 12 minutes to get to Corrour, but again there are only 3 services per day, at 11:09, 15:12 and 21:08. This would be the same on the way back, with departures leaving Corrour back to Rannoch at 12:30 and 18:25.

From Edinburgh Via Glasgow

If you’re travelling from Edinburgh, it is much easier to take a train to Glasgow (around 1 hour) and then go onto the West Highland Line from there. This is what I did when I made my trip! There is a train departing Edinburgh at 7:15 to Glasgow Queen Street, then take the 8:25 from Glasgow Queen Street to Corrour. Again, this would be a really long day trip as it would add another hour each way because of your journey between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Overnight Trip To Corrour

Staying overnight in Corrour was a really lovely experience and I highly recommend it if you have the time. You could head into Corrour on the early train, enjoy your day, and then head out the following night. Or stay longer if you can! Having an overnight stay in Corrour will allow you to do more activities in the area and relieve you the stress of making sure you catch the train!

Loch Ossian Hostel

loch ossian hostel hostelling scotland corrour
Hostelling Scotland’s Loch Ossian Hostel in Corrour

I stayed for two nights at the Loch Ossian Hostel* in 2019. This charming and quaint little hostel is full of character. The lovely manager there was very welcoming and the rooms were cosy and comfortable. There are two small dorms, along with a shared kitchen and lounge. The toilets are outside, which was a bit inconvenient on the chilly nights! But there are lovely hot showers inside next to the rooms 😊

The location is what makes this place so special. The hostel has a 5-star view right on the shores of the peaceful Loch Ossian. You can enjoy swimming there, going for a walk or just relaxing. I’d love to go back!

If you want to stay at Loch Ossian Hostel*, it’s worth making your reservations well in advance. Due to the size of the hostel and its popularity, it can get fully booked months ahead! Click here to check for prices and availability at the Loch Ossian Hostel*.

Corrour Signal Box

Leum Uilleim trainspotting film location mountain corrour
Leum Uilleim – Ⓒ Wild Lovely World

The Corrour Station House is a small restaurant located at Corrour Station. Next door there is the Corrour Signal Box, which is currently rented out as an Airbnb. There are three cosy en-suite double rooms and a nicely decorated lounge in the old lookout tower, giving great views. Breakfast is served at the Station House. It would be a great place for a group of friends or a family to enjoy the unique remoteness of Corrour. To book your stay at Corrour Signal Box, check out their website on how to make reservations through AirBnB.

Discover all the best things to see and do in Corrour & Loch Ossian in this post: 11 Awesome Things To Do In Corrour & Loch Ossian

Travelling Onward From Corrour Station

Your onward journey from Corrour Station can be to return south back to Glasgow or to continue north. I highly recommend, if you have the time, to continue north.

Continuing North To Mallaig From Corrour

The scenery from Corrour all the way to Mallaig is gorgeous and you won’t regret it. There are more awesome sights to see on the way including Loch Treig, Fort William and Ben Nevis, Glenfinnan and the beautiful Viaduct, the beaches of Morar and ending at the pretty port of Mallaig.

There are three services per day travelling from Corrour to Mallaig, departing at 11:21, 15:24 and 21:20. The journey takes 2h 15m. Check prices and book your tickets here*. Below is the timetable from National Rail.

You can split this up by staying overnight in Fort William or making a stop at Glenfinnan to see the beautiful viaduct train bridge. I did both of these when I made my trip to Mallaig and it was well worth it. I also stayed overnight in Mallaig for a couple of nights before making the complete return journey to Glasgow.

national rail train times corrour to mallaig west highland line
National Rail train times from Corrour Station to Mallaig Station

Map Of The Train Line Between Corrour & Mallaig

Ferry Journeys From Mallaig To The Inner & Outer Hebrides

From Mallaig, you also have the option to continue your journey and travel by ferry to the Islands. You could visit the Small Isles in the Scottish Inner Hebrides – the Isle of Eigg, Muck, Rum and Canna. From Mallaig, you can also travel to Lochboisdale on South Uist in the Outer Hebrides. There is also a ferry running to Armadale on the Isle of Skye from Mallaig. So there are a few options if you want to continue exploring Scotland from here! Check out Calmac Ferries Interactive Map to see all routes.

Returning South To Glasgow From Corrour

Returning to Glasgow is, of course, just as well. You’ll enjoy all the beautiful scenery on the return journey too. There are three trains per day travelling from Corrour to Glasgow, departing at 8:32, 12:30 and 18:25. Check prices and book your tickets here*. Below is the timetable from National Rail.

west highland line corrour to glasgow queen street journey times
National Rail train times from Corrour Station to Glasgow Queen Street

Remember that you can save 1/3 cost on your train journeys in the UK with a Railcard. Find out which Railcard is best for you here.

Corrour Station: How To Get There On The West Highland Line – Thanks For Reading!

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you are taking a trip to Corrour and how it goes!

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