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13 Best Free Things To See & Do In St Andrews | Scotland

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St Andrews is an awesome little seaside town in Scotland with plenty of cool free things to see and do. In this post, you will learn about 13 awesome free things to see and do in St Andrews.

About one hour north of Edinburgh, St Andrews is a great place to visit for a day or half-day trip. It’s really easy to get to St Andrews by public transport too which can also help you if you’re on a budget. Once you’re there, you can walk everywhere within 30 minutes tops.

St Andrews is a small town with a big history. There are magnificent historical sites alongside beautiful sandy beaches. St Andrews has numerous free museums where you can discover more about its past and present. You can enjoy wonderful walks around the town and the coastline. And meet a very famous fluffy cat!

We will discover all of this (and more) in this post about the best free things to see and do in St Andrews. Let’s go!

The Best Free Things To See & Do In St Andrews

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13 Best Free Things To See & Do In St Andrews, Scotland

1. Explore The Ruins Of St Andrews Cathedral, Scotland

st andrews cathedral ruins with blue sky - best free things to do in st andrews
St Andrews Cathedral – © Wild Lovely World

June 2023 Update: Currently there are masonry inspections happening at St Andrews Cathedral. This means there is currently restricted access to the ruins. The grounds are open but there are fences surrounding the walls of the Cathedral. Also, a section of the graveyard and a number of gravestones are fenced off. This is for safety until the structures can be stabilised. Reviews online suggest the site looks quite ugly with all the fences but it is still a great place to visit in St Andrews! 😃

St Andrews Cathedral is an absolute must-do if you are visiting the town. The ruins of this old and large medieval building are incredibly beautiful and have a really interesting history.

The remains of the Cathedral show Scotland’s largest medieval church. The site has been a place of worship since at least the year 700. The cathedral dominated the Scottish religious scene as it was the HQ of the medieval Scottish Church until 1560. During the Scottish Reformation, the cathedral fell into disuse. Many of the stones were salvaged for other building materials and that is why it has become such a ruin that you see today.

You can learn all about the history of this amazing ruin from the information signs dotted around the site. I highly recommend stopping and reading the information so you can learn the fascinating history.

There is plenty to see and learn so you can spend a good hour or so wandering around. It is really magnificent so it is well worth taking your time here.

It is FREE to enter and explore the grounds and ruins of St Andrews Cathedral including the graveyards.

St Andrews Cathedral Opening Hours

St Andrews Cathedral is open daily all year round. From 1st April to 30th September, the opening hours are 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (last entry 4:45 pm). From 1st October to 31st March, the opening hours are 10 am – 4 pm (last entry 3:30 pm).

You can learn more about the history and how to visit St Andrews Cathedral on Historic Scotland.

Ticket Prices & Opening Times For St Rules Tower & Cathedral Museum

Located on-site at the St Andrews Cathedral are the St Rules Tower and the Cathedral Museum.

If you want to visit St Rules Tower and the Cathedral Museum you have to pay a small entrance fee.

Currently, the fee is £7.50 per adult for entry to both St Rules Tower and the St Andrews Cathedral Museum.

You can book tickets online on the Historic Scotland website before you go. Alternatively, you can buy your ticket when you arrive on site.

The opening hours for the tower and the museum are the same as the cathedral grounds opening hours.

St Rules Tower

The St Rules Tower is a 35m high medieval tower with the grounds of the cathedral.

You can climb to the top of the tower via a tight, metal spiral staircase. There are 156 steps to get to the top. From the top, there are views across the cathedral site, the town of St Andrews, the harbour, golf links, the beach and beyond.

To go up the tower you can purchase tokens for the turnstile at the cathedral visitor centre on site.

Undiscovered Scotland has some great information about the history of St Rules Tower and photos of the view from the top.

St Andrews Cathedral Museum

Religious relics were brought to the site and those discovered can be found in the Cathedral Museum located on site. You can see these relics and other important artefacts in the museum.

2. Discover St Andrews’ Historic Harbour & Pier

st andrews old harbour buildings scotland
St Andrews Harbour – © Wild Lovely World

The old harbour area of St Andrews is really cute and well worth exploring during your time in the coastal town.

The St Andrews harbour has quite a bit of history to it. There are also many signs and maps located around the harbour district explaining the history of the area so make sure to stop and take a look. You can also learn more about it on the St Andrews Harbour Trust website.

The harbour is a working harbour so there are many fishing boats and lobster pots lining the walls. Take a seat on one of the many benches and enjoy watching them at work.

The beautiful stone pier at the harbour will take you out to sea and give beautiful views back over East Sands beach, St Andrews Cathedral and St Rules Tower.

Every year, hundreds of students from St Andrews University don their bright red robes and take part in the traditional Pier Walk along the harbour wall before the start of the new academic year.

Grab a bite to eat or a brew at the St Andrews Harbour Cafe.

St Andrews Castle – Ticket Prices & Opening Times

You can get great views of the ruins of St Andrews Castle from the harbour.

St Andrews Castle has a 450-year-old history and is a really cool historical landmark in St Andrews.

Viewing the ruins from the harbour is a great opportunity to see the castle without having to pay the entrance fee (£10 per adult)!

If you are interested in visiting, you can learn more about St Andrews Castle on the Historic Scotland website.

Entrance to St Andrews Castle includes an audio guide.

St Andrews Castle is open daily all year round. From 1st April to 30th September, the opening hours are 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (last entry 4:45 pm). From 1st October to 31st March, the opening hours are 10 am – 4 pm (last entry 3:15 pm).

3. Enjoy St Andrews’ Beautiful Beaches – East Sands & West Sands

east sands st andrews beach sandy fife coast - best free things to do in st andrews scotland
East Sands Beach, St Andrews – © Wild Lovely World

St Andrews has two great beaches – East Sands and West Sands. These beautiful, golden sandy beaches are excellent for walks, swims or simply enjoying the sea breeze.

East Sands Beach, St Andrews

East Sands Beach is close to the Cathedral and the old harbour.

It is a very pretty sandy beach which is perfect for a short walk or a picnic. You could grab something from the Habour Cafe or from Market Street.

West Sands Beach, St Andrews

West Sands Beach is a larger beach and a little further out of town. It is about 15 minutes walk from the centre of the town.

The beach is almost 2 miles long so you can enjoy a longer walk or a run here. You could even go for a swim!

The sand dunes backing the beach are part of a special area for conservation due to their important plant and animal life.

West Sands Beach is also famous for being featured in the opening scene of the movie Chariots of Fire. Watch a clip of the opening scene and West Sands Beach on this YouTube video.

4. Learn The History Of St Andrews At The St Andrews Museum & Visit The Victorian Mansion Of Kinburn House

The St Andrews Museum explores the town’s history, from its medieval beginnings to the present day.

The museum is set in an interesting Victorian mansion building called Kinburn House. The building is set within the grounds of Kinburn Park.

There are many exhibitions at the St Andrews Museum including artwork. The exhibitions change every now and then so there are new things to discover.

The museum is FREE to visit and there is also free WiFi available!

I really wanted to check out this museum during my trip to St Andrews but unfortunately, it was closed when I went! Make sure you check double check the opening times on the museum website when planning your visit. Currently, the museum is open only from 1st April to 30th September, Monday – Saturday, from 10:30 am – 4 pm.

If you visit on a Friday at 11 am, you can join a FREE 30-minute tour of Kilburn House, the Victorian mansion building.

Facilities at the St Andrews Museum include public toilets (including accessible and baby-changing facilities), car parking, a gift shop and a cafe on site.

5. Visit The Museums Of The University Of St Andrews

The University of St Andrews has two free museums you can visit – The Wardlaw Museum and The Bell Pettigrew Museum.

The world-famous University of St Andrews is Scotland’s first university and one of the oldest in the world. It was founded in 1413 and therefore has a 600-year-old history of research, teaching, knowledge and inspiration.

The University’s museums have collections that consist of around 115,000 artefacts and specimens of national and international interest and importance.

Both the University of St Andrews Museums are FREE to visit for the general public.

The Wardlaw Museum, University Of St Andrews

The Wardlaw Museum is located inside the University of St Andrews.

It has four thematic galleries focused on the university’s research and global impact. The galleries explore art, history, science and natural history collections.

There are also temporary exhibitions, interactive spaces and a wonderful outdoor terrace and garden with beautiful sea views.

The Wardlaw Museum is open Monday – Friday from 11 am – 7 pm and Saturday – Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm.

The Bell Pettigrew Museum Of Natural History, University Of St Andrews

The Bell Pettigrew Museum displays natural history specimens from the animal kingdom.

Sir David Attenborough is quoted as having said about the Bell Pettigrew Museum: “Packed full of treasures and wonders, the Bell Pettigrew is a spectacular reminder of how important a museum can be in the study of the natural sciences.” (University Of St Andrews)

The general public can visit the Bell Pettigrew Museum during the university’s school holidays. This changes every year but for the summer holidays, it is from around the beginning of July to the end of August. You can get more up-to-date information on the University of St Andrews website here.

The Bell Pettigrew Museum is open to staff and students of the university all year round from Monday – Friday 1 pm – 5 pm.

For more information on both of the University of St Andrews Museums, visit their website here.

6. Take A Look At Blackfriars Chapel – A Rare Ruin From The Middle Ages

blackfriars chapel ruin st andrews fife scotland
Blackfriars Chapel, St Andrews – © Wild Lovely World

This little chapel of Blackfriars is a small and rare ruin from the Middle Ages.

Blackfriars Chapel in St Andrews was built in the 1520s as part of a larger church – the Dominican Friary. The Friary was destroyed soon after in the 1540s. All that remains of it now is this little chapel which stands on the busy South Street, just near West Port.

There is a small information sign about Blackfriars Chapel at the site. I think the most interesting fact about this place is that for a small time after the friary was destroyed, the little chapel was used a pigsty!

It doesn’t take long to take a look at Blackfriars Chapel but it is quite interesting if you’re passing by and like a bit of history!

7. Walk Through West Port Gate – St Andrews’ Historic City Gate

west port city gate st andrews scotland
West Port Gate, St Andrews – © Wild Lovely World

The West Port City Gate was built as a grand entrance to St Andrews. The sign on the gate says it was built in 1859, but on the Historic Scotland website it says 1857. Either way, the gate was renovated in 1843. West Port is now said to be the best-preserved historic city gate in Scotland.

As St Andrews was never a walled city, the gate was not for defence. The gate was a symbol of civic pride and impressed visitors entering the town.

You can take a look at this beautiful gate from the street and walk through it. There is an information sign there too.

For extra reading about the history of the West Port Gate, there is some good information on the Britain Express website.

8. Meet Hamish McHamish – St Andrews’ Most Loved Cat

hamish mchamish bronze cat statue st andrews
Hamish McHamish Statue in St Andrews – © Wild Lovely World

Much like Greyfriars Bobby of Edinburgh (Edinburgh’s most beloved dog), St Andrews has its own famous furry friend! Meet Hamish McHamish, a ridiculously cute ginger cat.

Hamish the cat had an owner, but he was well known around St Andrews because of his nomadic behaviour. He would frequent shops and homes around the town and became loved by many.

Hamish McHamish was the star of a book published about him called Cool Cat About Town (Good Reads).

With the book published about him in 2012 and a dedicated Facebook page, Hamish gained more fans internationally. He appeared on TV and in newspapers across the world.

In 2014, a bronze statue of Hamish was erected in St Andrews on Logies Lane (location in Google Maps). A public donation campaign paid for the statue. This shows how much St Andrews loved Hamish!

A few months after the statue was unveiled, Hamish tragically passed away in 2014 aged 15 years.

You can visit Hamish’s statue and give him a stroke for good luck.

Learn more about Hamish’s story on his Wikipedia page.

9. Wander Down Market Street

local books shop sign cute old scottish market lane st andrews scotland

Explore the heart of St Andrews with a wander down Market Street and the surrounding laneways.

I’m sure you’ll love the charm of the beautiful stone buildings and the old fountain.

The bustling town centre is home to many great shops, cafes and pubs. There are also supermarkets (Sainsbury’s and Tesco) where you can pick up a meal deal or supplies for a picnic.

10. Take A Self-Guided Tour Of The University Of St Andrews

The prestigious University Of St Andrews is the oldest university in Scotland (est. 1413), as well as the place where Will met Kate.

St Andrews University’s buildings are stunning and some parts are super old (some dating from 1144!).

All these reasons make the University of St Andrews a great place to see for FREE.

The university is not a campus university and all of the university buildings (academic schools, residences and other buildings) are spread throughout the town of St Andrews.

St Andrews University welcomes visitors who want to see the beautiful, historic architecture of the university. A great way to do this is to take a self-guided tour of the university.

The university themselves have designed self-guided tours which you can follow on their website. The self-guided tour takes you on a route around town to see all of the university’s major buildings. Check out the self-guided tour of the University of St Andrews on their website here along with a map and description of the locations along the route.

11. Fife Coastal Path – Walk From East Sands Beach To The Rock & Spindle

east sands beach st andrews fife coastal path blue sky sunny day
Fife Coastal Path alongside East Sands Beach in St Andrews – © Wild Lovely World

The Fife Coastal Path is a beautiful long-distance walk that passes through St Andrews.

The walkway goes along the coastline of the Kingdom of Fife from Kincardine to Newburgh. The walk is split into sections. St Andrews is located just over halfway around the Fife Coastal Path. You can see a map of the whole walkway and sections on the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust website.

While visiting St Andrews you could do a small section of the Fife Coastal Path walk.

A nice section to do is to follow the Fife Coastal Path from East Sands Beach to the Rock and Spindle (location on Google Maps), a really cool rock formation.

The walk from East Sands Beach to the Rock and Spindle and back again is around 4.75 km and will take about 2 hours return.

Route directions and pictures of the walking route are available on Walk Highlands.

12. Join The St Andrews Free Walking Tour

Discover St Andrews with a tour guide on the FREE St Andrews walking tour.

The free walking tour guide will take you to the main historic sights in St Andrews. This includes the Old Course (the home of golf), the University of St Andrews buildings (including the residence of William and Kate), and the St Andrews Cathedral. You’ll finish the tour in the heart of St Andrews town on Market Street where you can then enjoy shopping, cafes/restaurants and bars at your leisure.

The tour is free but is provided on the basis that at the end of the tour you will provide a tip to your guide if you enjoyed it!

The free tour lasts for around 1 hr 30 minutes.

Free walking tours of St Andrews run at 2 pm daily in the summer months, from 1st July to 30th September.

If you’re visiting St Andrews at any other time of the year and want to do this guided walking tour, you can book it through GetYourGuide. It costs a very reasonable £14!

The tours are provided by St Andrews Tours (GetYourGuide). Find out more details and book your spot on the Free Tour website.

13. View The Old Course At St Andrews – The Oldest Golf Course In The World (600 Years Old!)

If you are or aren’t into golf, visiting the Old Course at St Andrews is a cool free thing to do in St Andrews. It is a really scenic and beautiful location in the town and so it makes it well worth visiting.

The Old Course at St Andrews (also known as the Old Lady or the Grand Old Lady) is considered to be the oldest golf course in the world! It is known as the ‘Home of Golf’ because the sport was first played on the links in St Andrews in the 15th century.

The area was originally known as the ‘golfing grounds’ of St Andrews. When a ‘New [Golf] Course’ was opened in 1895, the site became known as the ‘Old [Golf] Course’.

Golf was banned in Scotland from 1457 to 1502! This was because the king at the time, James II of Scotland, thought young men were playing too much golf and not practising their archery. The ban was only lifted when James IV became a golfer himself and removed the ban.

The Old Course is a public golf course and has remained as such since 1552 when the Archbishop gave the townspeople of St Andrews the right to play on the links.

The golf course at St Andrews set the standard for the game of golf, such as a course having 18 holes.

You can visit the Old Course for FREE in St Andrews. Visiting the links, you can also see the Swilcan Bridge (a small 700 year old stone bridge).

How To Play Golf At The Old Course At St Andrews

As it is a public golf course you are also welcome to play golf there.

But even though it is free to look at the Old Course, if you want to actually play golf it will cost a couple of hundred pounds per person to play!

Also, all golfers need to have a handicap card or a certificate to play.

For more information on the golfing packages and how to play at the Old Course (and other golf courses in St Andrews), visit the St Andrews Links website here.

R&A World Golf Museum

Located at the Old Course is the R&A World Golf Museum. If you’re a super fan of golf or just interested in the history of the sport, you could visit the museum. It costs £12 – £15 per adult to enter. Get your tickets online before you go or when you visit.

How To Get To St Andrews

St Andrews is located northeast of Edinburgh on the Fife coastline. St Andrews does not have a train station but it is still really easy to get there on public transport.

How To Get To St Andrews From Edinburgh By Public Transport (Train & Bus)

The easiest way to get to St Andrews from Edinburgh is to take the train to Leuchars station (Trainline).

Take the ScotRail train service from Edinburgh Waverley or Haymarket stations to Leuchars station. It will take around 1 hour 30 minutes to travel by train from Edinburgh to Leuchars.

Ticket prices vary depending on when you book it. It will be cheaper if you book in advance. You can search for ticket prices and buy your ticket online at Trainline.

Once you arrive at Leuchars station, there are regular bus services running straight to the town of St Andrews.

The buses are run by StageCoach East Scotland. The bus numbers are 99, X59, 77A and 42A. There are many buses running regularly so you can catch any of the buses going to St Andrews. All the buses to go the St Andrews Bus Station.

The journey by bus from Leuchars station to St Andrews Bus Station takes around 10 – 12 minutes.

An adult ticket costs £4.30 and can be bought online, via the mobile app or on the bus. To learn more about using the bus to visit St Andrews, you can use the journey planner on the StageCoach Scotland website.

St Andrews Bus Station is in the town centre and from there you can easily walk to all of St Andrews main attractions (including everything in this free things to see and do guide)!

EN - 970x250

How To Get To St Andrews By Car

If you are self-driving to St Andrews in your own vehicle or rental car, then I recommend taking the scenic route.

The Scenic Route Along The Fife Coastline

You can drive along the entire coastline of the Kingdom of Fife and enjoy the beautiful scenery and quaint Scottish coastal towns along the way.

I’ve done this journey myself a couple of times and every time I really enjoyed it. Fife is a beautiful part of Scotland that is well worth discovering.

The scenic route along the coastline begins with taking the A921 to Aberdour. If you’re coming from Edinburgh, you can join the A921 after crossing the Firth Of Forth from Queensferry. Aberdour has a pretty castle and beach you can visit.

Following the coastline from there, you’ll pass through Burntisland, Pettycur and Kirkcaldy. Out of Kirkcaldy, follow the A955 and then the A917. From there, the prettiest villages and coastal scenery await you!

Elie is well worth a stop for its beautiful beach. Next is St Monans with its interesting tidal pool, windmill and saltworks.

Continuing along the coast you’ll come to Pittenweem, Anstruther and Crail. These villages have active and picturesque harbours.

From Crail, the A917 continues north and moves inland passing through Scotland’s countryside. On the way, you’ll pass the Kingsbarn Distillery where you can visit and learn about their whisky making.

If you drive this scenic route, you’ll arrive into St Andrews from the south.

For car parking, I found free car parking along The Shore. From there, it is a short walk to the harbour, St Andrews Cathedral, East Sands Beach and the rest of the town of St Andrews.

Taking the scenic coastal route from Edinburgh to St Andrews will take around 2 hours and 20 minutes to drive and is a distance of around 106 km / 66 miles (one way).

Google Map Of The Driving Route

The Fastest Route Along The Motorway & A Roads

You could take the scenic route getting to St Andrews and return via the fastest route along the motorways and main A roads.

If you’re coming from the south, the M90 motorway, A92 and the A915 will take you to St Andrews. The route travels inland through the countryside.

Alternatively, you can take the M90 and the A91. If you take this route, then on the way you can discover Loch Leven, a picturesque lake where Mary Queen of Scot was imprisoned on an island in the lake. You’ll also travel across the rolling Lomond Hills.

You’ll arrive in St Andrews from the east.

The drive from Edinburgh to St Andrews takes around 1 hour 30 minutes and is a distance of around 82 kms / 51 miles (one way).

Google Map Of The Driving Route

Guided Tour From Edinburgh: St Andrews & Fishing Villages of Fife

If you want to discover St Andrews along with the beautiful coastal villages of the Kingdom of Fife then this tour is a wonderful way to do that without doing all the driving yourself!

The guided tour is run by Rabbies, one of the biggest tour companies in Scotland. You’ll travel in a modern, comfortable coach that takes you from Edinburgh all the way to St Andrews with stops at the charming towns and villages along the coastline near Edinburgh and in Fife.

You’ll visit St Monans, Pittenween, Anstruther, Crail and South Queensferry before arriving in St Andrews for lunchtime. Then you can have free time to explore St Andrews for three hours. During that time, you will easily have the opportunity to do many of the free activities I have shared with you in this guide!

Heading home, you’ll travel across the Lomond Hills and make a visit to Loch Leven, a picturesque lake where Mary Queen of Scot was imprisoned on an island in the lake. You will also have a chance to get a good view of the Firth Of Forth Bridges before returning to Edinburgh.

The tour duration is around 9 hours and you have an expert tour guide leading the way.

The price of the tour is around £44 per person. It has excellent reviews of 4.7/5 from over 350 past participants! You can book this tour through my links on GetYourGuide or Viator.

From Edinburgh: St Andrews & Fishing Villages of Fife Tour – Availability Calendar

Where To Stay In St Andrews

Looking for a place to stay in St Andrews? I went to St Andrews on a day trip from Edinburgh, but it would be a lovely place to stay overnight! Here are my recommendations for where to stay to suit all budgets.

Recommended Hotels In St Andrews

Budget £: The Old Station Guest House, St Andrews

A beautiful guest house set in a former railway station in 2 acres of landscaped garden. The Old Station Guest House has modern rooms and suites with kitchenettes, all en-suite. Continental and cooked breakfasts are included. Rated 9.1/10 from guest reviews. Click here for prices and availability at The Old Station Guest House (Booking).

Mid-Range ££: Kinnettles Hotel, St Andrews

Kinnettles Hotel is set in St Andrews town centre and just a 10-minute walk from the beach. You’ll be conveniently located close to all the sights of St Andrews, restaurants, and pubs. St Andrews Cathedral and Castle are just an 8-minute walk! The hotel features a spa with a hot tub and treatments. The Restaurant at Kinnettles offers a modern fine dining experience so you can stay and relax at the hotel. Rated 9.2/10 from guest reviews. Click here for prices and availability at Kinnettles Hotel (Booking).

Luxury £££: Old Course Hotel St Andrews

This luxury hotel overlooks West Sands Beach and the Links Golf Course. There’s a relaxing spa with a swimming pool, hot tub and fitness centre. Old Course Hotel has an award-winning restaurant with fine dining and over 200 whiskies. It is the ultimate luxury Scottish hospitality. Rated 9.2/10 from guest reviews. Click here for prices and availability at Old Course Hotel St Andrews (Booking).

The Best Free Things To See & Do In St Andrews – Thanks For Reading!

Thanks so much for reading this post on the best free things to see and do in St Andrews, Scotland. As you can see, there are many wonderful attractions to visit in the beautiful coastal town that won’t cost you a penny. These include free historic sites, museums, beaches and walks. I hope you enjoy your visit to St Andrews and enjoy all these fun free things to do! – Lauren x

Have you visited St Andrews and have any other tips on things to see and do for free? Are you planning to visit St Andrews and want to include these in your itinerary? Let me know in the comments! 😊

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