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    New Zealand,  Working Abroad

    12 Ways To Find A Job On Your Working Holiday Visa | New Zealand

    If you’re about to start your Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand and are looking for work, then this list of the best ways to find a job for your Working Holiday Visa will come in handy! There are several ways that you can find a job in New Zealand on your Working Holiday Visa. The main way to find a job is to apply online. Many businesses will advertise on job board websites. This post will show you the best 8 websites to find a job for your working holiday in New Zealand. There are several other alternative ways to find a job in New Zealand on a Working…

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    Japan,  Working Abroad

    5 Amazing Aspects Of Japanese Working Culture

    In this post, I share with you five amazing aspects of Japanese working culture. I worked in Japan for two years on the JET Programme as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT). As a foreigner working professionally in Japan, I learned a lot about Japanese working culture. I was amazed by many aspects of Japanese working culture. In fact, I was so impressed that I seriously wondered: why are these practices are not common place in Western working cultures? Japan might be known for their long hours, bureaucracy and strict policies, so Japanese working culture can often be viewed in a negative light. But it’s clear that Japanese companies are very…