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19 Best Coffee Shops & Cafes In Edinburgh Old Town

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In this blog post, we take a look at the vibrant coffee culture of Edinburgh Old Town and unveil the crème de la crème of coffee shops and cafes. Whether you seek a cosy nook to enjoy a moment of solitude or a bustling hub to catch up with friends, Edinburgh has it all.

We will navigate the winding streets of Edinburgh Old Town and explore the hidden coffee shops and cafes tucked away in the shadow of the city’s majestic landmarks. A wonderful way to enjoy Edinburgh’s charming cobblestone streets and historic architecture is by taking a cafe hop around the Edinburgh Old Town.

Edinburgh has a thriving coffee scene that has grown considerably in recent years. There are now small, local roasteries serving up fresh batches of their own branded coffee.

Alongside your coffee, you can indulge in delectable sweet treats and baked goods. You can find delicious handmade, local and artisan foods in Edinburgh’s cafes.

If you’re vegan, have any dietary requirements or focusing on healthy eating then you’ll be glad to hear there are plenty of options for you too.

And for the cat lovers among us, Edinburgh has a successful cat cafe that is well worth a visit for a brew with furry friends. If you have your own dog you’d like to bring to brunch then I’ve noted dog-friendly cafes as well.

The best coffee shops and cafes featured in this blog post are (vaguely) listed and grouped together in based on where they are located in Edinburgh Old Town. Each coffee shop and cafe has its own speciality and quirks so you will need to read the whole list to know which spot is best for what!

I have also created a handy map with all the best coffee shops and cafes marked at their locations so you can easily find them.

Okay, let’s go get our caffeine fix in the beautiful Edinburgh Old Town!

coffee in a white mug with latte art on a wooden table with a jar of sugar and a small plant in a pot - best cafes and coffee shops in edinburgh
One of life’s greatest pleasures… coffee! – © Wild Lovely World

The Best Coffee Shops & Cafes In Edinburgh Old Town

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Edinburgh Old Town Best Coffee Shops & Cafes Map

I have created a Coffee Shop & Cafe Map for Edinburgh that shows all the best locations in the city.

You can see all the best coffee shops and cafes in Edinburgh Old Town with the brown coffee symbol on the Google Map below and we will go through all these in more detail in this post:

This map is interactive and you can save this map to Google (click the star symbol) so that you can view it later. This is handy for when you are out and above and looking for somewhere to grab a coffee, take shelter from the rain or enjoy lunch or a sweet treat.

On the map, there are also the best coffee shops and cafes in other locations around Edinburgh including the Old Town, New Town, Haymarket, Stockbridge and Leith. So why not check them out as well if you’re going to be in the area?

Edinburgh New Town in particular has some fantastic coffee shops and cafes that are a different vibe to the Old Town – these are marked with a red coffee symbol on the map.

The Best Coffee Shops & Cafes In Edinburgh Old Town

the milkman coffee shop edinburgh old town
The Milkman coffee shop in Edinburgh – Photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

1. The Milkman, Cockburn St

Best for: People watching from the window

Probably the best rated coffee shop in Edinburgh Old Town is The Milkman on Cockburn St. They take their coffee very seriously and only use specially selected and exclusive ingredients. 

The Milkman keeps it simple with coffee and baked goods being all they sell. Fair play – if you’re going to do it, do it well!

The cosy interior has exposed brickwork and is decorated with plants and coffee paraphernalia such as roasted beans, keep cups and caps. There is a small seating area inside and outside but you may have to settle for takeaway or get there early as the place is always busy!

They are located on the iconic Cockburn St, a sweeping, narrow historical street in Edinburgh Old Town with beautiful Victorian architecture. There are actually two Milkman locations on Cockburn St, no. 7 and no. 52.

2. Gordon St Coffee, Market St

Best for: Freshly roasted coffee beans

If you love small-batch hand-roasted coffee then check out Gordon St Coffee. This little coffee roastery has a small shop selling coffee and a selection of baked goods. You can buy beans here to take home!

They are located on Market St just across from Edinburgh Waverley train station and The Edinburgh Dungeon (tickets available on Get Your Guide) so it could make a good coffee spot before visiting the attractions or catching a train.

lawnmarket royal mile edinburgh street sign and window boxes with flowers
Lawnmarket on The Royal Mile, Edinburgh – Photo by Oriel Frankie Ashcroft on Pexels

3. Deacon’s House Cafe, Lawnmarket (Brodie’s Close)

Best for: History lovers

Deacon’s House Cafe is a very centrally located cafe on Lawnmarket in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town. This is quite a touristy cafe as the building was once the household and the workshop of the infamous criminal Deacon William Brodie. During the day he was a well-respected member of society as a cabinet-maker, city councillor and Deacon of the trades guild. But at night he was a robber, gambler and had many mistresses. He was hanged in 1788 for his crimes.

They serve many Scottish foods which are popular with visitors to Edinburgh. They have a breakfast menu with cooked options until 12 noon including a full Scottish breakfast for under £10! Bagels, toasties and quiches are on the lunch menu, including Scottish Smoked Salmon. Their most popular item is the homemade scones that are freshly baked at the cafe. You can get a Scottish Cream Tea here with jam, cream and tea.

4. Hideout Cafe Old Town, Upper Bow

Best for: Cosy chill-out vibes

Hideout is a cute and bright little cafe in Edinburgh Old Town. They are located very close to Edinburgh Castle and Victoria St. You’ll find it tucked away on Upper Bow Lane, a cosy respite away from the hustle and bustle of the Royal Mile just up the street.

I love that this cafe has bright yellow walls inside and a lovely blue on the outside!

The quirk of Hideout is that they have a huge selection of cassette tapes which provide the music playing in the cafe. The tapes are on display along with old cassette players.

On the menu is coffee along with baked goods and sandwiches in the cabinet.

victoria street edinburgh
Victoria St is one of the most photographed streets in Edinburgh – © Wild Lovely World

5. La Barantine Victoria, West Bow

Best for: French cakes and desserts

A French Pattiseries cafe with a range of beautiful desserts and cakes.

They have several locations in Edinburgh, including Old Town, Stockbridge and Bruntsfield. Their location in the Old Town on West Bow is perfect if you’re enjoying a day seeing Edinburgh’s sights.

The cafe is set inside a beautiful old stone building. They have a breakfast (mostly croissants) and a lunch menu (quiche, soup, sandwiches) as well as French baking, artisan bread and, of course, macarons.

6. Hula Grassmarket, West Bow

Best for: Fresh and healthy menu options

Every day is Sunday Brunch day at the Hula Juice Bar and Cafe in the Grassmarket! Hula serves coffee, juices, smoothies, and an all-day breakfast and lunch menu. Lots of vegan, veggie and dietary options are available along with fresh and healthy ingredients.

It is easy to escape the typical cold and rainy weather of Edinburgh inside the tropical theme Hula. The decor is bright with lots of plants and patterned wallpaper. They also have outdoor seating for those summer days and the location is fab being located on West Bow at the tip of the stunning Victoria Street.

Hula also has a location in Fountainbridge.

7. Kilted Donut, Grassmarket

Best for: Artisan donuts

If you love having a donut with your coffee then check out the Kilted Donut in the Grassmarket.

This trendy little donut shop is run by partners Mark and Lena. They’ve worked hard to build up their business and have gained a dedicated following of lovers of their little donut shop.

They create delicious artisan donuts in a variety of flavours.

holding gelato icecream from marys milk bar in grassmarket with edinburgh castle in background
Enjoying gelato in the Grassmarket with a view of Edinburgh Castle – © Wild Lovely World

8. Mary’s Milk Bar, Grassmarket

Best for: Freshly made gelato

The cute little Mary’s Milk Bar has become an iconic feature in the Grassmarket. It is a highly popular and fabulous gelato shop.

All of the gelato is handmade by Mary. Mary originally worked as a chocolatier and decided to try something new. She travelled to Italy to study at the Carpigiani Gelato University and became a gelatiere.

I really love the look and feel of Mary’s Milk Bar. The small shop is set in an old stone building and the facade is decorated in white and coral with cute icecreams on the window. Inside, all the furniture is made from recycled plastic milk bottles which is a great idea and very colourful. The decorations and setup inside is also very cute and kitsch with vintage and themed items.

As well as ice cream and gelato, Mary’s Milk Bar also sells chocolate (Mary is a chocolatier after all), hot chocolate, and souvenirs such as tote bags and postcards.

The gelato is made fresh every day and the flavours change each day and season. You never know what you will get at Mary’s Milk Bar but there are lots of options and unique flavours. Previously there has been blue cheese, coffee, and lavender gelato to name a few. You can get ice cream in a cup or a cone. I can confirm that all of the gelato is very delicious having visited Mary’s Milk Bar a few times during my time living in Edinburgh!

There is always a queue out the door and along the street at Mary’s Milk Bar but I assure you it is worth the wait. You’ll likely have to get takeaway and enjoy your ice cream outside in the Grassmarket because the shop is always very full. From the Grassmarket, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Edinburgh Castle and watch the world go by!

lovecrumbs coffee shop west port edinburgh best independent coffee shops
Lovecrumbs, West Port, Edinburgh – © Wild Lovely World

9. Lovecrumbs, West Port

Best for: Cakes and baked goods

Another of my highly recommended cafes in the Edinburgh Old Town is Lovecrumbs! Previously Lovecrumbs was a locally known cafe but it has now exploded in popularity!

Lovecrumbs is the cutest and cosiest cafe you might ever be to in your life. This quirky place is full of mismatched wooden furniture, including a piano part living its life as a table, fairy lights, dressers, plants and neon signs.

There are cosy seats in the window as well, full of cushions to snuggle into and curl up with a good book. Perhaps get a book from one of the many amazing second-hand bookstores nearby on West Port before visiting.

Lovecrumbs’ signature is cake and lots of it! Just looking at their Instagram feed makes me drooooool.

The baked goods are made just down the road at Nice Times Bakery located on Morrison St in Haymarket. Nice Times Bakery is also open for coffee and cake 8 am – 4 pm Wednesday – Sunday (location in Google Maps here).

Lots of vegan options are available at Lovecrumbs. Their staff are really friendly too and they are dog-friendly! I love going to Lovecrumbs when I’m near this part of town.

They are located just a little further down the road from the famous Grassmarket, on the historical West Port which was the red light district of Edinburgh.

On the other side of Lovecrumbs is Lothian Road which is a great spot for going out as there are many restaurants and the Usher Hall and The Lyceum (tickets available on Ticketmaster).

There are also a lot of hotels in this part of town including the DoubleTree by Hilton, The Knight Residence, and Leonardo.

lauren smiling with a norwegian forest cat in a selfie
Lauren with Norwegian Forest cat at the Maison De Moggy cat cafe in Edinburgh – © Wild Lovely World

10. Maison De Moggy, West Port

Best for: Cat lovers

You may know by now that I absolutely love cats and a blog post about the best cafes in Edinburgh would not be complete without a cat cafe! Edinburgh has one cat cafe called Maison De Moggy that has proved very popular over the years. It is also Scotland’s first cat cafe.

The kitty stars of Maison De Moggy are all pedigree cats of various breeds. They include British Short Hair, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Sphynx, Bengal Siamese and Norwegian Forest.

I have visited Maison De Moggy and I loved playing with all the wonderful cats. I found the cafe to be very clean and comfortable and had fun relaxing in the company of new furry friends.

To visit the cat cafe in Edinburgh you need to make a booking online for a 1-hour time slot. Hot drinks and snacks are available to be purchased from the cafe. Items for the cafe are not included in the entry fee.

brew lab coffee shop edinburgh best independent coffee shops
Brew Lab, Edinburgh – © Wild Lovely World

11. Union Brew Lab, South College St

Best for: Coffee connoisseurs

One of my favourite coffee shops in Edinburgh is Union Brew Lab located on South College Street in the Edinburgh Old Town, just off South Bridge. Brew Lab is the perfect place to go if you’re in need of a caffeine top-up or a spot for lunch. They are located very close to the National Museum of Scotland (FREE), The University of Edinburgh and the Surgeons’ Hall (£9 adult entry).

This place is quite big so there’s a lot of table space, some of which are long and shared with others, so it has a cosy homey feel. However, being close to the university, this place is always full of students on their laptops so don’t be surprised if all the cosy armchairs and couches are taken up by them for the entire day!

The decor is grungy with open, exposed brickwork and recycled wooden flooring.

The staff here are really nice and the service is speedy despite often being busy.

They have a great food selection too and it changes daily with the specials, but I definitely recommend trying the soup and baguettes! The coffee is delicious and they have a wider selection including cold brew and speciality filter coffee. Lots of vegan-friendly options are available here including oat milk, vegan baked goods and savoury foods.

Brew Lab also host coffee events and barista training if you want to step up your game. They have become something of a coffee institution in Edinburgh!

edinburgh greyfriars bobby dog statue
Greyfriars Bobby dog statue – Photo by Jamie Wheeler on Unsplash

12. Thomas J Walls Coffee, Forrest Rd

Best for: Reading the newspaper over a brew

If sophisticated coffee vibes are more your bag, then a visit to Thomas J Walls Coffee is bound to hit the spot.

This is a larger cafe that was once an opticians’ office of the same name and it has been transformed into a coffee shop. The opticians’ moniker and brass lettering on the facade are still there. The telltale sign of coffee is the monocle slash coffee cup logo and lettering on the window.

Inside, the wood-panelled walls, stained glass windows and soft lighting keep things classy, and there is plenty of seating and tables.

The coffee is highly rated and the eggs bene (my fave) is a popular choice from the menu. Vegan and gluten-free options are available.

Thomas J Walls Coffee is located just down the road from Greyfriars Kirkyard and the Bobby dog statue, the National Museum of Scotland and the Meadows – all FREE to enter and well worth a visit. This makes this cafe a perfect caffeine stop during a day of sightseeing.

This cafe is also one of the few places open later in the evening which is always a wonderful thing!

13. Black Medicine Coffee Co, Nicolson St

Best for: Harry Potter fans

The Black Medicine Coffee shop has been open in Edinburgh since 1998. They are a well-known and popular coffee shop located on a bustling crossroads on South Bridge.

Although not “the” coffee shop where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter (but there is a good chance she did visit here too), the first floor above Black Medicine Coffee used to be a cafe owned by J.K. Rowling’s brother-in-law. J.K. Rowling spent a lot of time at the coffee shop (called Nicholson’s) writing her first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

There is a plaque on the wall outside the building which reads “J.K. Rowling wrote some of the early chapters of Harry Potter in the rooms on the first floor of this building”. However, inside Black Medicine, there are signs which read “Harry Potter wasn’t written here”, just so we are clear!

Besides all this, if you’re a Harry Potter fan then you will appreciate visiting Black Medicine Coffee and enjoying a cup while soaking up the atmosphere. Black Medicine Coffee is a more rustic, bohemian vibe coffee house.

They serve different coffees and teas as well as a menu of hot foods and sandwiches and sweet baked goods. They are the perfect place to pop in for a relaxing afternoon brew and a snack.

This coffee house is nearby to the Old College of the University of Edinburgh, the Festival Theatre and the Surgeons’ Hall Museums (£9 adult entry – well worth a visit). It is just a short stroll from Greyfriars Kirkyard which has the grave of the real-life Thomas Riddell and George Heriot’s School, which was the inspiration for J.K. Rowling’s character and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

How To Visit The Place Where J.K. Rowling Wrote Harry Potter

If you want to visit the place where J.K. Rowling did write Harry Potter then you can go upstairs to the first floor above Black Medicine Coffee which is now a Chinese restaurant called DunDun Delicious. At the restaurant, there is a sign on the wall with information about Harry Potter.

To learn more about J.K. Rowling’s writing in Edinburgh, keep reading as I have included a section at the bottom of this blog post about the cafes and coffee shops where she wrote Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Magical Guided Walking Tour

Lots of locations across Edinburgh were inspirations for J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books. A great way to learn more about Edinburgh and Harry Potter is to take a guided walking tour.

For the best experience then I recommend taking this guided walking tour which is all focused on Harry Potter and will take you to the top Edinburgh locations that are Harry Potter themed.

Check availability for the Harry Potter tour and book your tickets below:

Discover more Harry Potter-themed tours in Edinburgh:

14. Black Sheep Coffee, North Bridge

Best for: Evening coffee drinkers

Black Sheep Coffee is located just off the Royal Mile on North Bridge. It is around the corner from lots of Edinburgh’s top attractions including The Real Mary King’s Close (entry tickets on GetYourGuide), Museum of Childhood (FREE) and St Giles’ Cathedral (FREE/donation). It is also just a short stroll from Edinburgh Waverley Station.

The decor of this coffee shop is a bit more trendy than others. It has lots of seating at wooden tables and banquettes. There are neon signs and murals on the wall of Edinburgh being destroyed by Godzilla and King Kong!

They service a variety of drinks including coffee (of course), teas, cold drinks, smoothies and shakes. On the food menu are Norwegian waffles, bagels, toasties and smoothie bowls.

The great thing about Black Sheep is that it is open early in the morning from 6 am and later in the evening until 8:30 pm which is excellent for early birds and night owls. Personally, I love meeting people for coffee in the evening and I wish more coffee shops were open late, so thank you, Black Sheep Coffee!

Black Sheep Coffee have a few locations around Edinburgh City (New Town) but the North Bridge location is their best. They are also a brand that is expanding rapidly across the U.K. so you may see them in other cities.

15. Room Rumours, East Market St

Best for: Taking your dog with you (dog-friendly cafe)

Located on East Market Street is a new development of bars, cafes and retail stores with beautiful brick facades and bright archway windows.

I always found this street to be one of the hidden spots of Edinburgh as it was always very quiet there. But the location is set above Edinburgh Waverley train station and gives a beautiful view of Edinburgh’s architecture including The Balmoral Hotel and Calton Hill. Visiting East Market Street gives the feeling of ‘getting away from it all’ but still being in the middle of the Scottish capital.

One such cafe located here is the Room Rumours Coffee Shop. The outside and inside are both simple and lovely. Little vases of flowers dot the tables and plants and neon signs provide colour against grey, white and beige backgrounds.

Room Rumours is well known for its artisan donuts which are in a variety of daily changing flavours.

For savoury tastes, Turkish Eggs are undoubtedly the most popular and highly rated item on the menu.

A unique feature of Room Rumours is that they are self-proclaimed dog lovers and dogs are welcome! It is one of the most dog-friendly cafes in Edinburgh.

16. The Edinburgh Larder, Blackfriars St

Best for: Full Scottish breakfast

The Edinburgh Larder is well known for being one of the best places to eat seasonal, delicious and local food in the city.

Particularly popular is their all-day brunch menu which has the full Scottish breakfast. If you’re new to Scotland then you definitely need to try a full traditional Scottish breakfast while visiting Edinburgh! The full breakfast includes bacon, black pudding, haggis (yes, very Scottish), sausage, mushroom, tomatoes, potato scone, beans, eggs and toast. There are veggie and vegan full breakfasts also available at The Edinburgh Larder (I personally love the veggie breakfast!).

The cafe also has eggs benedicts on the breakfast menu (including Scottish smoked salmon – yum!), great coffee and friendly staff.

They are located in a prime spot on Blackfriars St, just off the Royal Mile. Lots of accommodations are dotted in this area including the High Street Hostel, Royal Mile Backpackers, Blackfriars Lofts, and Radisson Blu Hotel. So if you’re staying close by why not pop out in the morning for breakfast at The Edinburgh Larder?

17. Guajira Cafe & Coffee, St Mary’s St

Best for: Welcoming and friendly vibes

The bright and colourful Guajira Cafe and Coffee serves up Latin American and Caribbean cuisine. Lots of art and trinkets dons the walls and they have a jukebox playing a mix of upbeat tunes.

The new, small cafe is owned by Indhira from the Dominican Republic who fulfilled her dream of opening a cafe in Edinburgh. It has already proved popular with 5-star reviews from customers who love the vibe and tasty food.

Vegan and gluten-free options are available.

The cafe is located about halfway along the Royal Mile (between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood House) between the streets of Canongate and Cowgate which are both excellent areas for sightseeing.

18. Santu Coffee Bar, Canongate

Best for: Takeaway coffee

The small Santu Coffee Bar is the best place to grab your takeaway coffee before you embark on an adventure up the Royal Mile.

This little speciality coffee bar serves up a simple selection of coffees, teas and hot chocolate. They also sell Pasteis de Nata, a Portuguese custard tart.

Santu Coffee is founded by Washington, who grew up on his grandparents’ coffee farm in Brazil. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in coffee farming and roasting. All of the coffee comes directly from partners in Espirito Santo, Brazil which is a small and beautiful mountainous area producing award-winning specialty coffee. The coffee is roasted in Edinburgh by the Santu Coffee team and sold at the coffee shop and to businesses across Scotland. 

Santu Coffee is located at the eastern end of the Royal Mile on Canongate (not far from Holyrood Palace) just across the road from Canongate Kirk. Lots of really cool spots are in this area including the Museum of Edinburgh and the People’s Story Museum – two FREE museums I highly recommend. There is also Dunbars Close which is a beautiful little, peaceful garden and a hidden gem of the Edinburgh Old Town.

Grab your coffee from Santu and go exploring Edinburgh’s gorgeous cobbled streets and laneways!

19. Loudons New Waverley, Sibbald Walk

Best for: Brunch with friends and family

One of my favourite spots to go for brunch in Edinburgh is at Loudons.

Loudons have had a location in Fountainbridge for years, and have just recently opened a new cafe in New Waverley within Edinburgh Old Town.

This new development is a short walk from Edinburgh Waverley train station and nearby to many government offices including the City of Edinburgh Council.

Many of Edinburgh’s best hotels including Adagio and DogHouse are in this area just off the Royal Mile.

What I love about Loudons is the atmosphere. They have bright, open and colourful interiors with lots of natural light through big windows. Couches and armchairs around the coffee table are surrounded by plenty of dining tables with simple and functional seating. The kitchen is part open so you can get a glimpse of the action behind the scenes.

They have a great breakfast and brunch menu with lots of options including choices for those with dietary requirements. My favourite food at Loudons is the brioche French toast and the American pancakes – a very yummy treat indeed!

They also have a children’s menu and baked goods and pastries in the cabinet.

Loudons is also dog friendly and they have outdoor seating available at both locations. 

The place is always PACKED almost every day and all day, so if you want to visit Loudons then I recommend you to make a reservation.

Where Is The J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Cafe?

J.K. Rowling is well known for writing the Harry Potter books at many cafes and other locations in Edinburgh.

The Elephant House Cafe located on George IV Bridge claimed to be the coffee shop where J.K. Rowling first wrote her world-famous Harry Potter books.

For many years The Elephant House became a huge tourist attraction as they had a big sign in the window that said “birthplace of Harry Potter”. Inside there were also many Harry Potter memorabilia and photographs of J.K. Rowling.

In 2021 the Elephant House burned in a fire and it is now closed. It is likely that the cafe will not reopen because it has suffered from significant damage, but you can visit it from the outside where it looks pretty much the same. I have included a photograph below of what the Elephant House looked like before the fire.

However that is not the end of the story. While it is likely that that J.K. Rowling did write some of her Harry Potter stories at The Elephant House, the real birthplace of Harry Potter was more likely to be at Nicolson’s Cafe (6A Nicolson St) which was owned by J.K. Rowling’s brother-in-law at the time.

Nicolson’s Cafe is no longer there and the location is now a Chinese restaurant called DunDun Delicious. The new owners are definitely trying to attract Harry Potter fans as you can see on their website!

Next door/on the ground floor however there is still a coffee shop and that is Black Medicine Coffee Co. Black Medicine coffee shop is one of the best coffee shops in Edinburgh Old Town and I have written about them more in this blog post above!

the elephant house coffee shop edinburgh
The Elephant House coffee shop in Edinburgh before it burned down – Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter and visiting Edinburgh then I highly recommend taking the ‘Harry Potter Magical Walking Tour’ (book tickets on GetYourGuide). The tour is all Harry Potter-themed and will take you to the best Edinburgh locations that were J.K. Rowling’s inspiration.

Discover Harry Potter-themed tours in Edinburgh:

Where Is Edinburgh Old Town?

Edinburgh Old Town encompasses the area as follows:

This is a rough guide to the Edinburgh Old Town and you can see the location of this area in Edinburgh in the Google Map below:

Edinburgh Old Town is very popular with tourists and visitors to the city of Edinburgh and rightly so. The area is absolutely beautiful and has lots of very cool things to see and do.

The amazing architecture and history of the Old Town make it the perfect place to explore in Edinburgh.

It is likely that if you are visiting Edinburgh then you will spend a lot of your time in the Old Town.

If you want to take a guided tour of the Edinburgh Old Town and learn all about the history and major tour sights then I recommend this 2-hour walking tour – book tickets through GetYourGuide.

Alongside the best coffee shops and cafes of the Edinburgh Old Town, I have shared the best sightseeing attractions nearby to help plan your day exploring Edinburgh.

Here are popular tours and activities that could interest you in Edinburgh Old Town:

Edinburgh’s Best Coffee Shops & Cafes Map

Below is a map I created in Google Maps which showcases the best cafes and coffee shops in Edinburgh. All of the locations in this blog post are featured in the map as well as in other locations across Edinburgh including the Old Town, New Town, Haymarket, Stockbridge and Leith.

The Best Coffee Shops & Cafes In Edinburgh Old Town – Thanks For Reading!

In this post, we have looked at the best cafes and coffee shops in Edinburgh Old Town. Whether you’re just after a coffee or fancy heading out for brunch, there is something for everyone in Edinburgh. The coffee and cafe scene in Edinburgh is thriving with new businesses opened over the last few years. I hope you found this post useful and enjoy your coffee adventure in the beautiful Edinburgh Old Town. – Lauren x 

wild lovely world thanks for reading end of blog post
Thanks for reading! 🙂 – © Wild Lovely World

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